Greyton Classic MTB & Trail Run – Newsletter #3

Dear Rider and Runner, We trust you are in for one the best week-ends of the year 😃. Just a few last-minute things for you to be aware of:


IMG_2198🚴 65km seeding will be published today on the website.

🚴 33km seeding: we ask you to seed yourself and stand more or less in the position in the shute that you expect to finish the race in, i.e. If you expect to finish in the last half of the field, please position yourself there in the start shute.

🚴 Allow sufficient travelling time from Greyton to The Oaks (10km gravel road + time to park).

🚴 Remind your family who will drive to The Oaks to be careful – sections of the road form part of all 3 mtb routes.

🚴 Bring your kit bag with clean clothing and toiletries with to The Oaks as hot showers await you there after the finish.

🚴 Due to the number of entries, late entries will start after pre-entries in the 65km and 33 km races.

🚴 Results will be available on a computerized look-up system at the finish, plus photo’s of every finisher on the website.

🚴 All participants will be electronically timed. No Racetec timing chips required.

🚴 Please no littering on the route! Make a point of putting all wrappers in your back pockets 😃

🚴 Bring cool bags to The Oaks – Greyton’s stunning boerewors, as well as local mutton will be on sale.

🚴 Bike wash available – thanks again to Namgear for all their trouble the 1st 30 MTB entries get theirs for free, please collect at registration.

🚴 Bring the kiddies bikes to The Oaks, there will be a lekker track around the dam for them to ride (under supervision).

🚴 Massage services available at The Oaks. Those who are doing the Duo Competition will love this!

🚴 The event emergency number will be on the back of your bike board. Please all bike boards to be returned at the finish.

Trail Run

🏃 Please follow the parking signage that will be erected as you enter Greyton, and co-operate with parking attendants. The town is small, so all parking will be close to the start.

🏃 Greyton is a peaceful, cosy country village. They have granted us the use of their town, please respect their environment (no hooting, loud car music etc, no littering, please). We wish to be back there next year

🏃 Please have a look at the water points that are provided. There will be Coca Cola, water, fruit and jelly babies at the tables. If you need more to drink and eat, please make provision to carry it on you by means of a back-pack etc.

🏃 The event emergency number will be on the back of your running number.




Enjoy your week-end, drive safe and we’ll see you there!


The Freebody Sports Team.