Rules & support

Race Rules

  • The routes will be marked.
  • Marshalls must be obeyed at all times.
  • Participants may only receive help from fellow participants –
  • Or from a service provider at a water point tech zone.
  • Any kind of assistance from any other source will lead to disqualification.
  • No littering is allowed on the route or at the venue.
  • Please dispose of litter at the water points or in designated rubbish bins.
  • No smoking or lighting of fires is allowed on the course
  • Offenders will be disqualified and may face a life time ban from future events.
  • The same goes for vandalism of any kind to property, plants and animals.
  • The marked course must be followed by all participants.
  • Taking shortcuts will lead to disqualification.
  • Team members in the MTB Stage Race must stay within 2 minutes of each other. Failure to do so at any point in the race will lead to a 45minute Separation Time Penalty (STP)

Race Support

The following support services will be provided:

MTB Stage Race Day 1

  • Emergency Medical services.
  • 2x water points on the 70km route
  • 1x water point on the 15km kids route
  • Lead motorbike
  • Sweeper vehicle
  • All participants will be timed, except the Night Run
  • Results will be made available on the Greyton Classic website.
  • 65km MTB route: 3x water points with water, energy drink & fruit.
  • 35km MTB route: 2x water points with water, energy drink & fruit.
  • 15km MTB route: 1x water point with water energy drink & fruit.
  • 21km Trail run: 2x water points with water, energy drink & fruit.
  • 10km Trail run: 1x water point with water, energy drink & fruit.
  • A lead bike on the 65km mtb route and the 21km trail run route.
  • Sweeper vehicles on all the mtb and trail run routes.